Experience has shown us that coaching and consulting for Bachelor, Master or PhD candidates typically involves two skill sets:

1. academic skills to master the actual thesis work and
2. mental skills to master highly challenging situations like a PhD thesis.

We take a systemic perspective and a solution-focused approach to coaching concerns.

Coaching for Academic Skills

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Academic skills include for example, finding scientifically sound literature and receiving it as well as organizing it (at some point you need to remember what you read 2 years ago and where you found that), methodological skills in order to gather, analyse and interpret qualitative or quantitative data as well as presenting or writing about your insights in an academic way. Thus, coaching can support you to let your academic dreams come true.


Coaching for Mental Skills in Academia and Business

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Mental skills are centered around a sound and productive working style (e.g. declining offers that distract you from your actual job: finishing your thesis), the management of emotions (e.g. frustration, anxienty, setbacks, endurance), handling procrastination, individual stress management (identifying your sphere of influence and using it), the creation of an individual project plan that leaves time for mental recovery and a social life (you probably still want to have friends once you got your PhD). Some PhD’s are written in close collaboration with business or research companies. Here you might need to position yourself, set up a project team or learn how to get along with difficult managers or supervisors. Coaching can help you develop the necessary working and thinking patterns for successfully finishing your thesis in these settings.


After all, a PhD is a marathon not a sprint!


The same applies to a Bachelor or Master thesis.
You need to know about your resources and use them wisely so that you can successfully make it to the end and be healthy then. So I strongly encourage you to use that time to build your mental skill muscles so that your individual working style serves you for the rest of your life and professional career.

If I can help in any way, then here is a chance to get in touch with me.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you! Let me know what bothers you, a citation question?, a time management question? are you affected by stress issues?

A first chat is free and every question will be answered.

Place & Equipment

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Most of my coaching sessions take place online. I love to meet my coachees once in person to find out how well we click. If this is not possible maybe because you live abroad – as is the case for many of my international clients – we stick to the online video coaching. For this first sessions I can offer a pleasant office in Munich, we can meet at your office or we book a seminar room in a hotel.


Truly, the sessions helped to keep me motivated, especially when I felt stuck at some point in my PhD and I was not sure if I was doing things right! I feel this coaching enhanced my presentation skills, writing skills and mainly my way of thinking about my research topic. Dr. Szameitat helped me greatly and I sincerely recommend her personal coaching sessions to anyone who needs a third person’s perspective on their PhD topic and who feels lost in the journey of PhD research and writing.

 – Dr. Shalaka Shah,
Head Of Department – Psychology at Faculty of Liberal Arts, Science and Commerce,
MIT-WPU Kothrud, Pune