Here are the FAQs and some pre-formulated answers. If you have more questions please do not hestitate and contact us.

  • Who takes our PhD Coaching services?

    PhD students and also Master students who feel stuck or overwhelmed during or before their thesis writing phase. Not knowing where to go next, how to proceed or overcome some obstacles in your research process can be very debilitating and frustrating.
    Some clients think about doint a PhD and ask for advice.
    Some clients have started years ago and want to take it up again.

  • What are you providing to your clients?

    – In Phd Thesis Coaching session, I usually provide advice and guidance for the required research skills (finding, managing and using literature, writing, planning and conducting research, analysing and interpreting data, publishing) as well as in all necessary soft skills (stressmangement, communication skills, presentation skills, selfmanagement).
    – I read and review parts of the thesis and provide detailed feedback,
    – I also help you develop a doable timeplan which is sensitive to your other life areas and which tells you exactly when you need to do what.

  • Are there any areas you specialise in?

    I specialise in the humanities and in the social sciences, incl. sociology, psychology, pedagogy but also economics. For other areas I can rely on my professional network that I refer my clients to.

  • How does the coaching service work?

    If possible, I like to meet new clients personally. This is the best way to get to know each other and decide after this first free chat whether we want to work with each other. Then we can communicate via Skype or Email and phone.

  • How much is it?

    I offer packages or single coaching meetings always depending on what exactly my clients need. No one person and their needs in my coaching were the same, so I create a coaching package after our first talk and you decide if that is what you need and want.


Working with Andrea has been a real pleasure and a rich experience. During one and a half year that we worked together, I had the most fulfilling and enriching coaching experience ever. Her commitment and availability helped and supported me through a very challenging and demanding period. After each SKYPE call that we had I could literally feel the release of tension and stress. She managed to offer a safe and trusting space, encouraging me to explore and reflect on my actions and competencies.

 – Dr. Linda Hoxha,
Kosovo Civil Society Foundation,
University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology Department