Client Testimonials

What my clients are saying…

Vielen herzlichen Dank für diesen wichtigen Input! Sie haben mir geholfen, meinen Weg zur effektiven Arbeit und dem leidenschaftlichen Schreiben zu finden.

 – anonymous participant, KAS fellowship holder


Der PhD Coaching-Workshop war sehr effizient mit den Präsenz- und den Skype-Einheiten. Dieses Modell und die Form des Angebots ist nicht von Andrea zu trennen. Sie ist der herausragende Erfolgsfaktor.

– Hannah Schachter, KAS-Stipendiatin


Andrea has helped me greatly in reviewing an article to be published in a collective volume on training concepts in social work. By drawing on her profound background in research, writing and publishing, she supported me to gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the article and more importantly what I could do about it. I enjoyed working with Andrea very much, her feedback is appreciative and perfectly clear on the facts. Thank you very much, Andrea!

 – Jennifer Dietz


In the ‚PhD Coaching‘ course the most important things to me were how well Andrea supported the trust building process and her way of explaining the problem or challenging situations. Over the 8 week period I really stopped procrastinating and found pleasure in pursuing my thesis work. I also found a group of fellow PhD students I can connect to without the competitive aspect at my institute. THANKS!

 – anonymous participant, KAS fellowship holder

Truly, the sessions helped to keep me motivated, especially when I felt stuck at some point in my PhD and I was not sure if I was doing things right! I feel this coaching enhanced my presentation skills, writing skills and mainly my way of thinking about my research topic. Dr. Szameitat helped me greatly and I sincerely recommend her personal coaching sessions to anyone who needs a third person’s perspective on their PhD topic and who feels lost in the journey of PhD research and writing.

 – Dr. Shalaka Shah,
Head Of Department – Psychology at Faculty of Liberal Arts, Science and Commerce,
MIT-WPU Kothrud, Pune

Working with Andrea has been a real pleasure and a rich experience. During one and a half year that we worked together, I had the most fulfilling and enriching coaching experience ever. Her commitment and availability helped and supported me through a very challenging and demanding period. After each SKYPE call that we had I could literally feel the release of tension and stress. She managed to offer a safe and trusting space, encouraging me to explore and reflect on my actions and competencies.

 – Dr. Linda Hoxha,
Kosovo Civil Society Foundation,
University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology Department


She is fantastic at explaining things plain and simple so that it was easy for me to put into practice what I had learned in our coaching sessions. I can absolutely recommend Andrea’s service – I loved how she closely observed my very individual situation, always listened carefully and helped me find time, resources and the motivation to successfully finish my PhD.

 – Dr. Hanna Simmons,
Head of People Operations at Propertybase,
Greater Denver Area