Training Topics

Presentation Skills

No matter in which area of business and academia we  are in, we are in great advantage if we are comfortable in presenting our ideas, research results or other insights. Therefore we need to learn how to persuasively state a message, how to adapt our presentation to different target groups, how to organize our ideas, how we to illustrate what we try to say and of course how we remain a style (voice, body language) that wins people over to what we present.

Time and Self-Management

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
― Douglas Adams

Source/Notes: The Salmon of Doubt (unfinished novel)

To be productive and efficient is a goal all graduate candidates have. But really, how often do we find ourselves engaging in procrastination activities, watching youtube videos, hunting down a reference for hours that is not vital to our thesis etc.? Why we do that and how we can avoid it in order to be following our own long-term goals is one of our core topics. We show you how to manage yourself and how to reach your goals within your timeline.

(Intercultural) Communication 

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In our international workplaces we need more than research or technical skills: we need to be able to connect to other professionals in our field on a personal level – sometimes lead, sometimes network our way through academia or the business world. Therefore having the interpersonal and intercultural skills to do that is vital to our success. We provide the necessary insights, tools and train the skills in a safe environment.

Stress Management

Dr. Andrea Szameitat in a Time management training situationOftentimes in our lives we feel pressured to fulfill  demands set by the external world or even our own high standards and our busyness stops us from perceiving our own needs. Therefore balancing is harder than ever but at the same time vital for our long-term success in a high-pressure workplace. Stress is by definition an imbalance between (perceived) demands and (perceived) possibilities to satisfy those demands. We provide insight, inspiring solutions and a training environment that is safe for practising new skills in dealing with stress.

Vielen herzlichen Dank für diesen wichtigen Input! Sie haben mir geholfen, meinen Weg zur effektiven Arbeit und dem leidenschaftlichen Schreiben zu finden.

 – anonymous participant, KAS fellowship holder